Sol Nam
05-02-2021 01:01
This was my second time with Sanhoo USA and my second time with Auntie Lee Youn Young. SHE IS FANTASTIC! Because the post partum care was so amazing the first time, we didn't hesitate to book again after I delivered my second child. I was fortunate to have Auntie Lee for 5 weeks. And like many of the other reviews say, Auntie Lee was a machine! HOW DOES SHE DO IT??? She's up in the morning making smoothies and helping me breastfeed. She makes lunch soon after and helps take care of the newborn, while I took a nap. Once the afternoon rolls around, my husband and my son come home, so it could get chaotic with a full house. But she took everything with stride, continued to prep for dinner, and even entertained my son. I was particularly so happy, because he took to her very well. She makes everyone feel comfortable! She gives suggestions, but is never forceful. She's always down for a good conversation, which kept me sane, because I had another adult to talk to in the midst of being stuck at home during a pandemic and having just given birth. She gave post partum belly massages, stayed up with the newborn at night, and allowed to rest, so I can recover faster. SHE IS AMAZING! If I had a third child, I would book Auntie Lee Youn Young with no hesitation and book her in a heartbeat! I highly recommend this service and Auntie Lee - book her early in your pregnancy, because she's quite popular


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