I'm super grateful to have had Youn Young Lee

Hana Y
05-02-2021 01:41

I came across Sanhoousa at the recommendation from a friend and are so glad that we were able to secure their services. I also ended up delivering over 3 weeks early so I was extremely grateful that the nanny happened to be available to start much earlier than originally planned. This review is for Youn Young Lee.

First of all she is a wonderful cook! I know that she is there to help with the baby but her cooking greatly increased my quality of life (and my husband's). She is very knowledgeable about healthy food and things that will help produce more breastmilk. Although I don't normally eat a lot of Korean food, all of her food was delicious so it was fun to see what she would make each day. I started taking photos of her meals because that level of cooking will probably never grace my dinner table again lol... She even prepped some things in the freezer for us for after she left which is amazing.

She was absolutely wonderful with my son. She was on night duty which was a life saver those early days as I was recovering from a c section. My house is multilevel so I really tried to take it easy the first few days and limit going up and down the stairs. We did a combination of formula and breastmilk as my supply was still building up and I would pump in the middle of the night. As someone that didn't really have a lot of interest in kids prior to having my own, Mrs. Lee's knowledge was invaluable. She taught me how to keep my tiny human alive, happy, and healthy. The way she spoke to my son was really adorable and loving too! She is just wonderful with babies.

I also really appreciated her caring for my body. I was extremely swollen after leaving the hospital and after a few days of massages, I could see the bones in my feet again! She also massaged my breasts so that I wouldn't get any clogged ducts and help with lactation. It hasn't been that long since I delivered and I pretty much feel like myself. I'll continue to take it easy but I'm surprised at how smooth the postpartum recovery has been.

Overall I'm super grateful to have had Youn Young Lee for the first few weeks home with the baby and would highly recommend her services to others. Thank you eemo~~~


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