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..The purpose of our postpartum care is to restore your body after pregnancy. Before childbirth, we provide prenatal counseling to the family in order to plan and prepare for the health of the mother and the newborn.
At SanhooUSA, we pursue the health and well-being of women. We’ve established a high-quality postnatal training program specialized in postpartum care using external commissioned education. We select our caregivers through a rigorous screening program that looks for knowledge of postpartum care/management and neonatal care. We further screen our caregivers for character, propriety and etiquette to ensure that they are warm, considerate and attentive.
We are comprised of postpartum care professionals who focus on 1:1 individual and customized services. We strive to satisfy our customer’s needs.
SanhooUSA greet you with sincerity and love.

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Hello, everyone.

Thank you for visiting SanhooUSA. I will guide you through the service of the company and customers.

1. Please introduce to the service charge and service date provided on our website. If you need more counseling on the website, please call again and ask questions. Please decide on the service period and prepare a reservation.

2. The company prepares an interview with Caretaker according to the mother’s service decision. The company will select a lady who concern your due date and recommend her. After the a caretaker and the mother interview, the mother who was decided is waiting.

3. If you are ready to make a service decision with SanhoUSA, you must pay the deposit. The reservation fee for a week is $200. The service period for one week is five days a week. If you continue to work on weekends, you’ll pay on the day instead of the extra charge. 1 week 5 days x 6 weeks = 30 days. Six weeks will continue to work without weekends, and everything will be done on the 30th instead of the 6th. The six-week deposit is $ 200=$1,200. You can give the rest of the money directly to the lady. Customers can decide on the service period and pay the deposit.

4. If you are ready to make a service decision with SanhoUSA, you must pay the deposit. The reservation fee for a week is $200. The service period for one week is five days a week. If you continue to work on weekends, you’ll pay on the day instead of the extra charge. 1 week 5 days x 6 weeks = 30 days. Six weeks will continue to work without weekends, and everything will be done on the 30th instead of the 6th. The six-week deposit is $ 200=$1,200. You can give the rest of the money directly to the lady. Customers can decide on the service period and pay the deposit.

5. All the caretakers are working with the company. Mothers should keep in touch with the company before giving birth. The ladies are unable to answer the phone while working with another customer.

6. This is the service information for the company and its customers. We work mainly for mothers and newborns. She starts on the day she descharge the hospital.

A. Newborn baby care-

-Disinfection of newborn babies’s navels

-Showing mother how to breast feed and give milk

-Showing how to bathe and wash newborn babies

-Detailed consultation for babies’s development

B. Meal preparation for mother

-Nutritious meals are very important for mothers, especially when it comes to breast feeding.

After childbirth, mothers are physically drained and lacking, calcium, iron, vitamins A and B, and calories. After consulting with mothers, our professional assistants prepare balanced meals enriched with the necessary nutrients.

-Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks are meals for mothers. She doesn’t go to the market. When other family members prepare ingredients that mothers want to eat, they use them. The meal is prepared by the mother, the eldest child, and the husband. Other family members are not included in the service.

C. Breast massage Through breast massages, mother can properly and healthily breast feed their newborn babies, These important massages also prevent mastitis.

D. Abdominal massage, sit-bath, and foot massage of a naturally delivered mother C-Section mothers exclude sit-baths and abdominal massages.

E. House chores

In addition to our assistant’s primary job of caring for mothers and newborn babies, basic house cleaning, cooking, of the babies by hand are also included in our service <Laundry, simple cleaning, washing and caring for the baby, and taking care of the baby at night. The women are having a hard time taking care of their babies at night, so they have to rest for 2-3 hours during the day to stay up all night again.

7. Women’s daily routine may vary from mother to mother’s family. The aunt and the mother will work around the newborn. I want to convey my mother’s thoughts to her and receive services without any inconvenience to each other.

8. If you stop the service for health reasons during the service period, you can pay the service fee by the day you work.

If you and your mother are uncomfortable with each other, you can stop the service and pay until the day you worked.

Thank you for using Sanhoo USA

Julie Kim

angie s.
angie s.
I cannot recommend this agency enough. And especially our live in nanny, Mrs. Yun. For baby #2, i knew I couldn't handle my own recovery, take care of a newborn and take care of a toddler. So I made the best decision of my life and hired a live in nanny. Mrs. Yun cooked every meal, cleaned dishes, did light house keeping and laundry, took care of our newborn, gave me massages to help with lactation and also drew herbal sitz baths every day. I credit my speedy post partum recovery and no post partum depression to Mrs. Yun. During her month stay with us, i was able to focus on my own needs and also spend quality time with my toddler. Our toddler adjusted very well with having a new baby because her life was minimally impacted. Not to mention her parents were relatively stress free from all the extra help. If you can afford it, I highly recommend this agency. We miss you, Mrs. Yun!!
Nicole C.
Nicole C.
This review is for Kyu boon won aka Kathy Lee. She was the best newborn nanny a mama could ask for. She stayed with us for a month after our baby was born, when my husband and I were first time parents without a clue as to how to care for a newborn. She eased our worries and taught us all the basics in a gentle but knowing way. I've heard stories about other nannies, and she is by far the hardest working, but also chillest/most flexible nanny I've heard of. She respects your needs & beliefs on baby rearing, but also provides guidance wherever it's needed. As Jon mentioned in the previous review, Kathy does not sit still - she works HARD. She was always either caring for the baby, caring for me, cooking, cleaning, or doing laundry. I had some postpartum physical complications that lasted for several weeks after giving birth, and she was always encouraging me to rest to speed up the healing process. Her first priority was always the health & safety of my baby and myself. I felt safe under her care! She massaged my legs when I had crazy edema the first couple weeks, and it really helped reduce the swelling. She also cooks yummy food (both Korean & American), and is very open minded when it comes to learning new recipes. I still miss her bomb sandwiches and smoothies! I remember being worried coming home from the hospital, because I wasn't sure how comfortable I'd feel with a stranger in my house, let alone while I'm healing & trying to learn how to be a mom. Lucky for me, Kathy fit RIGHT in, got along well (esp with my mom), and was super personable & positive the entire time she was with us. I even cried when she left & I rarely cry, even with crazy hormones. It was just easy having her there. She clearly loves doing what she does, and it showed in the way she loved on our babygirl. I will be forever grateful. I am currently pregnant again and was in search of a newborn nanny, so of course Kathy was the first person we called. I'm so glad we had the privilege of having her as our nanny and would undoubtedly recommend her to our family & friends!
Iris H.
Iris H.
(This review is for Cindy Kim and not for the agency...i didn't interact with the agency myself). I rarely write yelp reviews, but wanted to post here because I feel so fortunate to have spent the first five weeks post-partum with Cindy "Emo" (auntie). She felt like a real aunt - treated us as if we were family. Here are the highlights, as well as some tips for future parents: ** makes delicious, nutritious meals ** like the other post-partum doulas mentioned here, she was great at cooking (we ate everything every meal), but more importantly i really believe my speedy recovery is in large part due to the nutrients she made sure I got in the critical first two weeks. we asked her to spare the fanciness and big spreads and focus on simple and healthy, and she did that perfectly - amazing cabbage+onion+turkey omelettes in the morning, salads and chicken tenders, traditional korean seaweed soup multiple times a day, simple home-cooked dumpling soups with lots of veggies, my favorite "yukkehjang" soup whenever I asked, cold noodles on hot days, salmon when we wanted a break from Korean food, etc...she takes pride in her food and she likes learning new things. When my sister-in-law sent me a recipe to make me lactation "power" balls, we made one batch together, and then Emo continued to make multiple batches throughout her stay. Her omelettes are the best! ** hard-working and strong common sense ** Emo was a machine. She would not only take care of me and the baby, but when there was a spare moment, she'd tidy the house in some way I had never imagined possible. When the baby was sleeping, she would make me sitz baths, or get me to soak me swollen feet in salt water. When I was sleeping as well, she would wash bottles and deep-clean the fridge, freezer, microwave, organized my pantry...when there was nothing else to clean, she'd do laundry. Her stamina was incredible. The best thing about Emo was that she didn't need to be micro managed or have things explained to her. If she needed flour, she would figure out where it was in the kitchen without asking us. She's been doing this for over a decade - she knows how to work every kitchen device and baby gadget imaginable. ** experienced with newborns, flexible with parents ** we really valued her experience...she's seen the "first X weeks of a baby's life" movie so many times. She'd tell us when she thinks there's a rash or something we should ping our pediatrician about. She'd know that the middle-of-the-night grunting noise was normal. She'd recommend the velcro swaddles b/c those are the most practical, and the Dr. Brown bottles b/c they help with gas. She'd tell us all the pro tips when it comes to diapers. So great! She's also a baby whisperer. she could soothe our baby so fast, it was like magic. My husband and I really wanted to be part of the first 5 weeks and not just "outsource" everything to Emo, so we got involved and also had opinions about certain things (e.g., how long a baby should nap, whether it was too cold/too hot, whether baby should have more food). There were times when we'd insist on trying something one way, and she'd totally be game, even though she might disagree (and most of the time, we came around to doing it her way in the end). I really liked that about her. She'd also give us our time and space when we wanted it. ** Kind ** best part about Emo is that she's so kind and nurturing. She loved our baby as if he were family. She cared for us in the same way. She felt like family, and it made the experience that much more comfortable and enjoyable. ** Things that helped make it successful** - Constant communication was key, especially at the beginning. There were some things that she thought was not an issue that we did (for example, she didn't think it was any problem to put a burp cloth in the bassinet with the baby, and we wanted nothing in there). When we saw that happen for the first time, we told her our preferences, and she respected them from then on out. We'd sit down and talk together every few days about things that needed to be tweaked, and plan out the next few days. - We would have to tell her to chill out every once in awhile to make sure she didn't work herself to exhaustion. One thing we did was order-in delivery every once in awhile and tell her to just rest instead of preparing dinner. That helped a lot - By the last week, I had to insist that she watch me do something and teach me (like bathing or burping). It was super helpful to have her just do everything - that's how I was able to focus on my recovery. But by the end, she needed to coach us. - My korean is terrible, so sometimes we would write things down (e.g., when we were splitting up night shifts). I'd make sure to check that we're understanding each other multiple times on critical topics. I am so grateful for Cindy emo. She is an experienced post-partum caretaker and a wonderful person to be part of a parent's first few weeks!
Hana Y.
Hana Y.
I came across Sanhoousa at the recommendation from a friend and are so glad that we were able to secure their services. I also ended up delivering over 3 weeks early so I was extremely grateful that the nanny happened to be available to start much earlier than originally planned. This review is for Youn Young Lee. First of all she is a wonderful cook! I know that she is there to help with the baby but her cooking greatly increased my quality of life (and my husband's). She is very knowledgeable about healthy food and things that will help produce more breastmilk. Although I don't normally eat a lot of Korean food, all of her food was delicious so it was fun to see what she would make each day. I started taking photos of her meals because that level of cooking will probably never grace my dinner table again lol... She even prepped some things in the freezer for us for after she left which is amazing. She was absolutely wonderful with my son. She was on night duty which was a life saver those early days as I was recovering from a c section. My house is multilevel so I really tried to take it easy the first few days and limit going up and down the stairs. We did a combination of formula and breastmilk as my supply was still building up and I would pump in the middle of the night. As someone that didn't really have a lot of interest in kids prior to having my own, Mrs. Lee's knowledge was invaluable. She taught me how to keep my tiny human alive, happy, and healthy. The way she spoke to my son was really adorable and loving too! She is just wonderful with babies. I also really appreciated her caring for my body. I was extremely swollen after leaving the hospital and after a few days of massages, I could see the bones in my feet again! She also massaged my breasts so that I wouldn't get any clogged ducts and help with lactation. It hasn't been that long since I delivered and I pretty much feel like myself. I'll continue to take it easy but I'm surprised at how smooth the postpartum recovery has been. Overall I'm super grateful to have had Youn Young Lee for the first few weeks home with the baby and would highly recommend her services to others. Thank you eemo~~~
Jen C.
Jen C.
Youn Young Lee stayed with my family for 5 weeks. She was a dream come true. She has a great work ethic, as she is always keeping busy with the baby, cooking, or cleaning. She went above and beyond to take care of my entire family. She was so caring and loving toward my son. She was always talking to him sweetly and holding him. She was also very knowledgeable on how to care for babies. This helped me a lot since I am a first time mother. She was always sharing her wisdom and experience, but was never pushy or overbearing. In fact, she was always respectful and listened to me if I wanted to do things a particular way. She was also very kind, and nice to be around. I was nervous about having a stranger live in our home, but I truly enjoyed her company. Her cooking was amazing. She was always making different foods that were delicious and nutritious. She cooks from the heart, which makes her food taste so good. Don't hesitate to hire Youn Young Lee! You won't regret it!
Grace K.
Grace K.
I've used Mommy & Baby services for both my kids and had extremely positive experiences both times. Our family will forever be grateful for the loving care that our nannies have offered to our children and to us as parents. We don't live in LA, but was easily able to fly the nanny up (we booked a re-bookable ticket ahead of time). This review is for Youn Young Lee for our second child (first nanny is no longer with the agency). We could not have made it without her support. Her services included: - Night duty: she woke up when our baby woke up, every single time. I asked her to wake me up too, but eventually she woke me up about once a night (vs. 2-3 times night) when it was clear that our baby was crying because she's hungry so that I can nurse. Getting longer sleep stretches was key to allowing my body to recover quickly. There was one night when I was starting to come down with something (fever, etc) -- she immediately noticed it and didn't wake me up that night. - Baby care: she gave our baby baths, burped her, napped her, did her laundry. She also taught us how to do these thing. The convenience was nice, but even more importantly the infant 101 crash course for us was super helpful. We learned a lot from her. It was comforting to know we had an expert in the house. - Cooking: She cooked us 3 healthy, delicious meals a day. For example, she made me eat a little bit of miyukgook (Korean seaweed soup) every day + other dishes. She is also an expert in health and nutrition. She hand squeezed me a special carrot + seeds smoothie every morning. She brought her own special squeezer to make this. Our nanny is such an extremely talented cook - my husband loved the cooking too. Before she left she made a lot of extra meals and put it in the freezer for us. - Mommy care: this is a bonus, not a necessity, but she kept my health in check too. She made sure my body I was recovering well, helped me worked through nursing complications, gave me massages/facials, and other post-natal procedures.
D R.
D R.
My husband and I asked for recommendations and also interviewed a few possible candidates 6 months prior to my due date.  We came across this agency and after reading reviews we asked to see Mrs Yoon Young Lee.  She was so pleasant and appeared to be receptive upon meeting her so we signed up immediately. I delivered 2.5 weeks earlier and was worried we would get someone else.  But Mrs Lee (emo nim) finished off her last job with the previous family and came straight to us the day I was discharged from the hospital.  She has only been soooo great and helpful.  My husband was able to return to his work immediately.  She takes such good care and really loves my daughter.  Through her many years of experience, she is willing to teach me how to care for a newborn, but also willing to listen to my suggestions as well.  Mrs Lee is always on her feet taking care of the baby and me, or cooking up something amazing in the kitchen.  My husband and parents have done multiple runs to the American and Korean markets so that we can start out with carrot juice in the morning, hot meals for lunch and dinner, and snacks in between.  She has helped with breast feeding.  And is a firm believer that I be well rested (as much as possible) to recover from my c-section and for increase milk production.  She will accompany you to your appointments if needed, which was always helpful. Lastly, I enjoyed having company during the day and the many conversations we have shared.  We tried to extend her stay but most likely unable to because of her next obligations.  She works really really hard and we are going to miss her immensely (and I know that my baby will as well).  Mrs Lee is really popular so if you can, sign up as soon as possible!
Monica L.
Monica L.
After having a horrible experience with another posta natal care company I was beyond thankful to find this place. After interviewing a couple of imos, I decided to go with Mrs. Young S Hwang and she was a blessing for us. Having had a c-section and a 3 year old at home I really needed to recover fast and helping my firstborn transition to a big sibling was my top priority. Thanks to Mrs Young my recover was super fast (I peacefully slept all night, she gave me massages during the day, cooked, helped tide up the house, all on top of caring for my baby) and I was able to give my first one lots of attention, which I believe helped her to not feel jealous or act out when I was with the baby.


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